Nnamdi Kanu Dares Not Cross To Northern Nigeria, He’s Threat To National Security – Northern Parliament

From Ibrahim Dahiru Danfulani

A group, Northern Parliament has warned that the flouting of bail conditions by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu is threatening the security of the country The group expressed this at a press conference held in Kaduna on Sunday, titled; ‘Our National Security Threatened’.

According to the text of the briefing which was jointly signed by its Speaker, Dr. Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu, National Secretary, Comrade Yakubu Karau Luka and National Publicity Sec. Kabir Haruna Alfa.

“The continuous unlawful movement of Nnamdi Kanu is perceived to be a threat capable of distracting government attention. The Nigerian government and securities agencies should be warned not to allow Nnamdi Kanu to criss-cross from his Biafra territory to any part of northern Nigeria,” it said.

It explained that the Northern Parliament is not against the secession of the Igbos from Nigeria, however, it preaches for a democratic approach towards the actualisation of Biafra. The group further lamented that In recent times, the Nigerian narrative has come under severe scrutiny. “Nigeria faces an existential threat.

The security architecture of the northern region has been variously undermined. Consequently, the persistence increase of insecurity in northern Nigeria cannot be over emphasised. Having observed carefully the continuous increase of kidnapping, armed robbery and consistent communal clashes between Fulani headsmen/farmers in various communities in the north.

We find it imperrative to add our voices of caution to the federal government. ” It is regrettable to state that immediately after the completion of the renovations at the Abuja international airport, the business of kidnapping and armed robbery has taken a new dimession in the entire northern extraction.

The Nigerian securities agencies have become completely inefficient, making it almost impossible for easy access of our roads. This has badly affected our economic growth and has widened the inequality gap in the north,” it said.

The Northern Parliament challenged the northern leaders, traditional, religious stake holders and most especially, the northern governors, to have failed us woefully for been unable to bring lasting solutions to the lingering problems of insecurity, education, unemployment and peaceful coexistence in the north.

“In light of the above mentioned, we make the following declarations.

1. Federal government should strictly ensure the compliance of the bail conditions of Nnamdi Kanu.

2. We advised strongly that the 2014 national conference report should not be implemented, rather, a more credible and acceptable National conference be organized.

3. We demand that General TY Danjuma, Prof Ango Abdullahi, Senator JKN Waku, to spear head a northern elders/leaders summit on lasting peace, unity and reconciliation of the north.

4. We advice that our religious leaders preach peace rather than foiling the embers of discord.

5. We demand that Northern governors forum set up an all inclusive committee towards reviving the moribund companies.

6. The acting President’s directives to the service chiefs to move to the northeast to curb the insurgency is highly commendable.

7. We appeal to the executive governor of Kaduna state to as a matter of importance, reopen all the tertiary institutions in southern Kaduna,” it concluded.


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